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Magnetic Chemistry Game and Multi use magnetic presentation board


The Chemistry Game of Atoms,

Molecules,  and Compounds.

Atoms are magnetic picture pieces

that are  placed on a metal sheet .  

This game for 2  players is an

an entertaining way to learn 

chemistry. It allows  the players to 

make molecules from C, H, O, N,

Na, and Cl atoms. It is an effective

learning aid for studying

formulas, atomic bonding,

molecules  and compounds.


Game includes  100 magnetic atoms,

a metallic board that folds up into a 

A4 size, a score card, 

and the book "Models of Atoms

and the Universe - Physics and

Chemistry  Simplified".  

Other uses for metal board:

Included are magnetic chess and

checker  pieces with an overlay to

allow the metal  board to be used

as a chess board for playing

chess or checkers. Ideal for travelling

as the pieces stay in place, and the

board folds up for convenient


The metal  board can be  placed

in a standing  position on a table

or it  can be  hung on a wall and

used as a  notice/message board,

Included  are  transparencies that

allow  the metal board to be used

as a  mobile white board that you

can write on with water erasable


Ideal for presentations as the

board can be  placed on the

table in a stand up position.

Both sides of the board are usable. 

For details of the game read the

book  "Models of Atoms and the

Universe -  Physics and Chemistry

Simplified" available  for reading

on the "Showcase of books" page

of this website.

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